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Raised in northwest Georgia, R. Olin Jackson attended the schools of Polk County and the University of Georgia in Athens before volunteering for service in the United States Army in 1971. There, he was trained as a military policeman and ultimately assigned to the security detail for the Army Commander of NATO, Gen. Michael S. Davison, in Heidelberg, Germany.

His Army career responsibilities required him to travel throughout Europe, and while there, Olin often studied the endless aspects of European history. With his military obligation completed in 1974, he returned stateside where he completed an undergraduate degree in journalism in 1977, and then earned a master’s degree in political science history.

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Award Winner!

Volume I of the Mystery & History collection was named as a “Five-Star” recipient of the coveted “Readers’ Favorite” book awards in 2022.

Mystery & History in Georgia

Volume 1

Readers of mystery stories and those who enjoy captivating historic incidents and accounts of unusual events will revel in this potpourri of articles associated with the state of Georgia. The information in the stories of this book have been drawn from historic news accounts, early American newspapers, folklore, academic papers, official Georgia state archives, early U.S. Census records, and much more by the author, and are all factually accurate as far as can possibly be determined. read more

Mystery & History in Georgia

Volume 2

Georgia history enthusiasts and researchers alike will be captivated with the colorful topics and attention to detail of the many subjects in Mystery & History in Georgia, Volume II. Designed as a companion to the award-winning Mystery & History in Georgia, Volume I, author R. Olin Jackson picks up where he left off in his initial volume. read more

john henry doc holliday by Ralph Olin Jackson

John Henry Doc Holliday

A Simple Matter of Survival

For the dentist turned gunman from Georgia, from 1864 until his final days in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, in 1887, life was a struggle for survival. If his family wasn’t fleeing the abject destruction being wrought by Gen. William T. Sherman in Georgia during the dying days of the old Confederacy, John Henry himself, beginning in the early 1870s, was locked in a desperate struggle with the dreaded disease tuberculosis for which there was no cure. read more

Memories of Army Life and MPs of the 529th

The Top Military Police Company in the United States Army of the 1970s

It isn’t often that one is able to maintain that his or her military unit was the top-dog in the entire United States Army, but that’s the remarkable truth regarding the 529th Military Police Company in 1974 – and euphemistically for the decade of the 1970s. read more

Some Genealogy Keys To Some Georgia Family Trees

Histories and Genealogies of Assorted Jackson, Fricks, Neel, Anderson, Jordan, Gravatt, Hudgins, Tanner, Pettyjohn and Rogers Family Lines

Those relatives, descendants, and researchers interested in the Jackson, Fricks, Neel, Anderson, Hudgins, Tanner, Jordan, Gravatt, Pettyjohn and Rogers family lines will find the material within the pages of this book indispensable – both for permanent family records and a variety of research purposes. read more

Gunmen, Lawmen and Wild Men of Early Georgia.

In the pioneer days of what today is the state of Georgia, intrepid explorers, desperadoes, and opportunists of all types and description emigrated to the state, many of them ultimately continuing westward in search of a new life. read more

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